To get access to IRCC Information Act, you need to send a mail requesting for information about your immigration applications which but not limited to report on your files, processing time, procedures or any other type of information.

IRCC Information Act presents Canadian nationals, permanent residents of Canada, any person or anybody that is in Canada the legal right to get information that is under the control of a government institution. The essence of these acts is majorly to portray transparency and open participation in the immigration system.

If you require disclosure information from IRCC, under the Request to Information Act, you can:

  • Get information about IRCC
  • Get information about applications created by IRCC
  • Get personal information submitted by an immigration representative if the client is not a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of a resident of Canada.

You can also request on behalf of someone else. To do this, it is mandatory you put the Access to Information and Personal Information Request form. You must include this form everyone who is on your file and over the age of 18.

You must be a Canadian national, a permanent resident of Canada, an individual or corporation present in Canada before you can send a request.