Canadian Citizens enjoys a lot of benefits than a permanent resident holder. If all Citizen requirements are met, you can take the Canadian Citizenship test to show you are eligible. Typically, within half a year of passing the Citizenship test, you will be invited to the oath-taking ceremony for Canadian citizenship allowing applicants to pledge their obligation to the duties, responsibilities & privileges associated with citizenship of Canada.

There are individual rights and privileges which citizens are entitled to, such as the right to think, right to vote, right to speech, right to equality, cultural and educational right, right to freedom, aboriginal people’s rights, mobility rights and legal rights.


Your eligibility for citizenship depends on your situation, such as

  • Age: You need to be 18 years old or above to apply for citizenship. If you have dependent children that are below 18 years of age, it is possible to apply for their nationalities if they are permanent residents holder and are eligible to apply for citizenship. You also must be their biological parent, adoptive parent or legal guardian before you can apply for their citizenships.
  • Permanent Residency: A valid permanent residency status is a prerequisite in Canada to apply for Canadian citizenship. You need not be associated with any gang group or participated in any fraud, or be undergoing case of any type in the arbitrary court of law.
  • The Time lived in Canada: Your physical presence in Canada as a permanent resident must be at a minimum of three years in the last five years.

Language: You also need to prove your capability to communicate in either of the two official languages of Canada (English or French).

Income Tax: You need to have filed for income tax for any income earned during your time in Canada.  

  • Intent to Reside: It is mandatory to prove your intent to reside in Canada once you are granted citizenship.
  • Citizenship Test:You must go through a test to check your familiarity with Canadian norms and values. The citizenship test typically is a pooled of questions on Canada’s history, values, institutions etc.

Citizenship rights come with some general responsibilities. You as a Canadian citizen, are expected to follow them and carry out a peaceful living in the country.